A mere 10-minute drive from Tel Aviv, the dilapidated city of Lod - or Lydda as the Palestinians call it - has become a hub for Bedouin drug lords and extremist Jewish settlers.
Seventy-five thousand Jews, Muslims and Christians live side-by-side in this poverty-stricken city, which is beset by racism, bigotry, and violence.
Corruption, allied with poor management and jingoistic politics had driven Lod deep into the abyss until finally, the Israeli government was forced to step in and appoint Meir Nitzan as mayor, hoping that he would be able to save the city.
Uri Rosenwaks and Eyal Blachson's new film Town on the Wire, which is premiering at the upcoming
Copenhagen International Documentary Festival, portrays Nitzan's attempt and ultimate failure to reinvigorate the run-down city.

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Tonight, at Grand Teatret, you can see the docu-thriller ‘Town on a Wire’ about Lod, a Israelean town with massive poverty which has cultivated an environment of racism and violence, where the 75,000 Muslim, Jewish and Christian inhabitants live from day to day in constant fear. You can meet the director and the two main characters from the film at the screening!


Filmmaker Uri Rosenwaks first arrived in Lod about 12 years ago, when he was working on Uvda (Fact), a weekly television program that delves into current affairs. Rosenwaks, who grew up mainly in Beersheba and today lives in Ramat Gan, visited numerous places during the 14 seasons that he spent working as a director at Uvda, but Lod stood out.“We did an episode on people run down and killed by trains in a neighborhood there [where the train ran direct-ly through a residential area with minimal safety measures to prevent people from wandering onto the tracks,]” he recalls. “That was when I understood the power of the place. There was anarchy there.“Lod is a missed opportunity beca

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An interview with director Uri Rosenwaks about his new film "Town On A Wire", about the complicated life in the city of Lod